Blossoms 2025 Countywide Art Show

Artists will create and display art based on the theme of pink blossoms in a county-wide art show in March 2025. The art community including most private art galleries in Howard County are already on board for this art extravaganza and many other locations including The Welcome Center, Howard County libraries, Columbia and Savage Mill malls, Robinson Nature Center, and Howard Community College, just to name a few will also be involved. Maps will be available for the public highlighting all art locations and installations.

This inaugural art project embodies two of our tagline missions: beautifying and engaging our community. Currently, Blossoms of Hope has planted more than 2,900 pink blossoming trees in Howard County (Kwanzan cherry, redbuds and Native Dogwood). We are actively working on adding 1,000 more by the spring of 2025 (Blossoms' 20th anniversary). That number equals the number of white cherry blossoms at the Tidal Basin in Washington, D.C.

Each private gallery will hold its own invitational exhibit and Blossoms will host an open art show at multiple locations. Entries may include but are not limited to, canvas, sculpture, fiber arts, quilts, jewelry, photography, paper, basketweave, and glass art.

Entries will begin being accepted Fall of 2024. As this date approaches, we will update you with more information.

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