FUNdraising Events

Blossoms of Hope holds several FUNdraising events every year to help support our community outreach and to help with the beautification of our region. We have been celebrating many of our events for more than a decade and there are others that have been founded out of need.

Blossoms of Hope has the flexibility to quickly create an event such as a 600-person, sold-out gala within three weeks to support the Ellicott City flood victims that raised more than $24,000. During COVID, two new events were founded to help home-bound families including The Santa Project that saw Santa and his elf visiting the homes of more than 2,300 children each year and raising more than $25,000. The second event, a family favorite, our Scavenger Hunt, where hunters visit some of our groves looking for the hidden clues and submit their finds for a chance to win prizes.

Creativity and fun are the trademark of all the FUNdraising events and volunteers and sponsors are always needed.